Fever Mode Edit

What is Fever Mode?Edit

In this game, 'Fever Mode' refers to the increase of speed and the amount of customer that will be visiting your shop.

Fever GaugeEdit

How/where to keep track of it?

How to refill the Gauge?Edit

By keeping the shop with stocks of food for the chefs to sell, the gauge will be fill (though slowly) with every successful sales of dish.

CP PointsEdit

CP Points is used whenever we want to unlock a new dish as well as a new selling slot. Player can keep track of their number of CP Points in various different stalls under the 'new menu unlock' tab.  To get CP Points, Player can simply keep the sales rolling, or simply get it from the treasure chest when they gather their ingredient at the end of their journey.

P.S.: CP Points does not stacks, different chefs owns their own CP Points!

CP Point