Entering the GameEdit

Upon entering the game, you will be directed to a story plot. As the story proceed, player will be required to name the protagonist with a maximum of six character.

Introduction to the game (First Game Screen that you'll see in game)Edit

Note: The first picture shown is the original version of the game and the second picture is filled with explaination.

♥ To do List ♥Edit

New to the game and doesn't know what to do? Here's what you should do in order to keep the plot running in few easy step.

  1. Feed your Character whenever you got into the game.
  2. Gather Ingredient whenever you have the energy to do so, so the chefs can keep their cafe running!
  3. Collect eggs from complete quest from the bat!
  4. Make new menus!
  5. Hit their target (debt) goal for new story/character plot to be unlocked!

Guide ListEdit

  1. Hunger.
  2. Quest/ Goal List.
  3. Explore: Ingredient Gathering.
  4. Stalling and Cooking.
  5. Fever and CP Points.
  6. Upgrades.
  7. The six chefs.
  8. Character's relationship/ Closeness.
  9. Option/ System.

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